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by Luxury From The Farm

Marshland Moss

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Sipping a cup of tea in the window seat of the kitchen I enjoy your company. The honeyed layers of your complex scent bring a smile to my lips. You are flirty but also earnest, the sweetness you bring to me like a bouquet of flowers. I close my eyes and imagine under my feet is tickling soft moss the kind that seems to hold every shade of green in the universe. A pillow cushioned by the damp rich earth beneath. The sunlight is warm on my face and flowers scatter themselves around me. A sip of tea breaks my revelry and I am back in the kitchen window gazing out at the gardens beyond. Grateful for the way you bring all the I love outside in to me so that I may enjoy it night and day. 

Notes: Lilies & Violets with Moss & Damp Earth

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